About the Project
To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Disneyland wanted to share a heartwarming new experience with visitors, using mist from dancing fountains in Paradise Pier as a projection canvas. Collaborating closely with Hasbas, Moment Factory dug into this challenge to create Hurry Home, a poignant homecoming tale.
The sequence follows a new Disney character, Little Lantern, on a journey to celebrate the holiday with family, encountering Mushu and Mulan along the way. Following the lead of Hasbas, who developed the show’s scenario, visual identity and soundtrack, we created storyboards and animated content to support the show and ensure its impact when projected onto mist.
To reinterpret characters from Mulan, we developed a hybrid animation style that merges the film’s aesthetic with a modern take on traditional paper cut-outs, while maintaining the image and integrity of these beloved Disney creations.
Framed by a choreographed backdrop of sky-high fountain jets and a breathtaking lightshow, this touching story welcomes good fortune for the upcoming year. We were proud to help craft an experience that is culturally sensitive and specific but also universal in its emotional power and appeal.
Moment Factory
Design and Art Direction​​​​​​​

Design Challenge
In honor of the Chinese lunar new year, the artistic direction of the exhibition had to echo a philosophy of Chinese culture and arts. To do this, we drew inspiration from traditional shadow puppetry and the art of Chinese paper cutting. It was therefore necessary to find ways to adapt the emblematic characters of the Disney family to this new aesthetics as well as to find design and technical solutions for the animation staff later on.
Photography and Video property of Moment Factory
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