About the Project
Originally designed as an experimental short dome movie, Oddworlds has evolved into a visuals pack for video performances in dome spaces. The project seeks to transpose the scale of the immersive experience and alter our perceptional relationship between our body and the depicted visual universe, all while transporting the viewer through an otherworldly journey with sound and image.

The imagery expands the space beyond the projection canvas and presents an odyssey through a surreal and uncanny landscape. Transposing the viewer through a universe inspired by microscopic phenomena and nature. The project seeks to create an esthetic collage of shapes and wonders inspired and directly sourced from the microscopic world around us. Using digital imaging software as well as microscopic video samples to create surreal formations and representations.
Project Type
Immersive Video
VJ Visuals
Geodesic Dome & Planetarium
Visual Design and Production
Select Scenes 
Shaders and Animation Study 
Concepts Views in 360°
Images subject to copyright
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