About the Project
Worked with the Moment Factory team to conceptualize the visuals treatment of the display canvases and provide animation storyboard for narratives.

Moment Factory oversaw the production of creative video content including five show capsules and interstitial visuals, helping to bring the resort’s media architecture to life. This ambitious project marks our latest effort in leveraging new media platforms to enhance and transform urban destinations.
Show capsules were created to be displayed simultaneously across the resort on over 100,000 square feet of multimedia LED displays along the West Tower, East Tower and Zouk Nightclub facades, as well as over an iconic 50-foot Globe located inside the property. These media centerpieces are quickly becoming central elements of Resorts World Las Vegas’s branding.
Seamlessly fused within this technically complex canvas, strategic multimedia content complements each feature’s unique characteristics. Show capsules transform the features into dynamic, interconnected beacons that can be appreciated from near and far, as well as from multiple angles and viewpoints. Unifying all of its features through synchronized content contributes to a bold and impactful signature experience that engages visitors. Original music further intensifies these major “wow” moments.
Visual content merges creative ingenuity with technical innovation to deliver eye-catching optical illusions embedded with meaningful themes and narratives. Capsules transport audiences to extraordinary destinations including a bioluminescent ocean, a synth-wave cityscape, a shimmering emerald jungle and the illuminating cosmos.
Resorts World Las Vegas
Moment Factory
Design and Art Direction
Digital Signage Experience (DIZZIE) Awards | Hospitality, 2022
Digital Signage Experience (DIZZIE) Awards | Digital Signage Content of the Year, 2022

Photography and Video property of Moment Factory
Concept & Narrative Design
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