Vorka Neon draws its inspirational material from Slavko Vorkapić's pictorial interpretation of Wagner's Forest Murmurs. In this 16mm film, elements from the natural landscape and practical effects are overlaid with elements from the urban environment, creating a clashing relationship in a game of light and shape. Neon light, tree bark, flesh and smoke, all conflicting yet appealing figurations in this impressionistic experimental piece.
Directed by: 
Sasha Vreca

Music Production:
Julien Racine
Performance by:
Hélène Albert
Special Thanks to:
The Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa Inc. (IFCO)
Executive Director - Patrice James
Technical Director - Dave Johnson
Camera: Bolex H-16 REX-3
Shooting format: 16mm Colour
Post Production: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
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